We are on our way

So after a year or more in planning it has come down to this. I am sitting at Melbourne airport looking forward to the 14 hr flight first to Dubai and then the 10hr flight to London. Lots of fun indeed.

I have been fortunate enough to get an exit row seat which should give me a bit more leg room but even with this it is still a long trip ahead.

I land in London at 12pm on Sunday and David follows the next morning. Strategy once I land is to grab some iPad sim cards and some iPhone sim cards so we will be connected wherever we are. Then it is off to grab our hire car and try and negotiate my way to our hotel (30 min drive apparently).

One of our great sponsors Wilson have arranged for a set of golf clubs to be waiting for me at the hotel (same model I play with in Australia including the great Superlite driver that is very comfortable and very light) as well as our first supply of golf balls (the other balls are being delivered strategically to different places to help us from a luggage point of view).

Sunday night I will see what the weather is like and may even get out to take some images at one of the courses we are due to play the coming week. Here’s hoping for sunny weather with limited cloud cover and no sign of rain!

Next morning sees David land and then our first game at the very private Swinley Forest. This is one course I have been particularly looking forward to playing and the fact that it is our first course is a nice treat. Hopefully a good nights sleep will see us both play well.

Stay tuned for next update.

By golfselect

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