Photos from the Trip

Well here goes. We have started to post some photos so take a look below. We will keep adding but hopefully you enjoy these images and it gives you a taste of our Links4032 golf trip.

3 comments on “Photos from the Trip

  1. Wonderful, just wonderful, in fact, they are brilliant!! The photos of your golfing epic are just great and I would love to be there with you!! From the grandstands at the 18th @ Wentworth to the plane taking off @ Prestwick (EGPK), the tee shot on the 9th @ Turnberry and the gap in the wall on the 13th @ North Berwick, you have captured the essence of golf in the UK and I can’t wait to see the second half of your journey, not to mention the book!! Well done and keep up the good work, both with the clubs and the camera – and best wishes for plenty of birdies!!

    TAF EGPK 092300Z 1000/1024 23008KT 9999 SCT008 BKN020 PROB40
    1000/1009 8000 -RA BKN008 PROB30 TEMPO 1009/1018 7000 SHRA=

    P.S. A bit of light rain but not much wind – this is the weather for the golfers & pilots @ Prestwick & Royal Troon on Sunday, June 10!!

  2. The photos of North Berwick (West Links) bring back a flood of memories. It’s one of the game’s most important, as well as most enjoyable courses.

    To see who’s got the bigger…is it possible to have side-by-side photos of RSG #4 bunker, and RPGC (Dunluce) #17 bunker?

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