Planning a trip such as this takes a great deal of planning (as you would imagine). Additionally it takes support from a number of partners and I wish to personally thank them very much for believing in this trip and supporting us.

Each of the companies we approached saw the merit of being involved in this golfers dream. We felt it was important to involve companies who had products that we genuinely believe would add to the experience and memorability of anyone travelling overseas on a similar trip.

Bolle Logo

Bolle produce premium eyewear custom designed for golf. This was important to us as being outside for 32 consecutive days, battling the elements and trying to play golf is hard without quality eyewear. The great thing about having the Bolle eyewear is the way it reduced the effect of the wind that seems to be a key part of playing golf in this part of the world! We felt less tired when we wore the Bolle glasses – there was no squinting and as a result of this no headaches.

Bushnell Logo

What can you say about Bushnell rangefinders. They are first class, extremely accurate and do not cause you to second guess on how far you have to where you are hitting. The can be a good and bad thing – there is one less thing to blame if you don’t execute the perfect shot! The V2 rangefinder was even more impressive because in addition to providing laser accuracy it also provides a GPS measurement for when you can’t see where you are going (which happens with blind shots into greens from time to time but mores because I have hit and errant shot and need to try and recover back onto the correct fairway!).

Wilson Staff Logo

The guys at Wilson Australia and UK were very accommodating with my trip. They provided a set of FG Tour Irons with matching woods all contained in a lightweight Wilson Staff carry bag. Just the thing you need when you are travelling around the place.

A decent quantity of FG Tour Golf Balls helped greatly as believe it or not you don’t manage to play all rounds with the same ball. In fact on some days we managed to use the same ball for only one or two shots! The Wilson range of wet weather gear and thermal layering help us to regulate the different conditions we faced meaning we could peel off layers as needed or add layers if it got a bit cold.

Golf Vacations Magazine Logo

We love this magazine! Finally a publisher has come out with a magazine that caters for golfers who love to travel (and which golfer does not want to get out there and play a variety of courses). Their insightful articles on hot spots in the area of golf travel make it a “must read” publication and we are very proud to be associated with them.

ecco footwear Logo

Comfort on the golf course is critical to enjoying your time playing. And when you think about it the one element that is involved in every shot you play, every step you take is the footwear.

If you have comfortable golf shoes then you feel like you are walking on air. ecco shoes provided this for us (I can’t believe how comfortable these shoes are).

In fact there were so comfortable that we ended up wearing them off the golf course (the tread on the shoes meant they were great on course for traction but equally as good off course). Oh and they were very fashionable also!

Ready2Golf Logo

A key part of on course comfort is feeling good about the clothes you wear on the golf course. To that extent we wanted to team with a clothing company whose clothes are stylish, comfortable, work well to play golf in and generally make you feel like a million dollars (in spite of how well you might be playing).

Ready2Golf by Timothy Neate were the obvious company to consider and their enthusiasm for our trip was evident from the start. They fitted us out with a collection of clothes that made us think we were top 10 tour professionals and whilst our golf at times was not of this standard, we felt comfortable making bogies (and worse).

Glenmuir Logo

Even though we were travelling in the height of Summer we had a feeling the weather would not always be 30 degrees and sunny. Accordingly we felt that we needed to complement our clothing with some knitwear and what better company to turn to than Glenmuir – a scottish company that has been producing quality knitwear and shirts for over 120 years.