Making a difference

Door of Hope

Whilst this trip is the golf trip of a lifetime we also wanted it to be something that could do some good for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We thought long and hard about how to achieve this and then came up with an idea that is sure to put pressure on us.

Gary’s idea was along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if we could get people and companies to sponsor us based on our golfing ability! How about we get some sponsors to pay an agreed amount per birdie that we score. Any unlikely eagles might be worth a bit more.”

We would then give the money to an agreed charity who would really benefit. And so the idea was born… The charity was the easy part – The Door of Hope Children’s charity is one that is very close to the heart of Gary (and his wife Maureen).

Door Of Hope Australia (DOHA) is a child-focused, non profit, non governmental organization, established to improve living conditions and help alleviate the suffering caused by poverty and war. Our projects enable children access to education, health & medical care, improved water and sanitation, and income generation for their primary carers. Currently DOHA is supporting projects in Fiji, Sri Lanka and Southern Sudan.

How can you assist?

So will you partner with us on this quest to raise funds? To give you an idea of just how many birdies might be scored during the trip look at the following:

  • Gary’s handicap is 6
  • David’s handicap is 12
  • The courses being played are foreign to both David and Gary
  • Wind and weather conditions will be challenging (especially around the coast)

Gary feels that he might score, on average, 2 birdies every 3 rounds (or 0.6 birdies per round). That makes for a total of roughly 24 birdies during the quest. David, on the other hand, is more conservative and is estimating 1 birdie every 2 rounds (or 0.5 birdies per round) for a total of 20 birdies.

You can now choose to sponsor Gary and David for a set amount per birdie. It might be $1 per birdie, it might be $20 per birdie – it is entirely up to you.

We will post a daily update of our birdie tally as well as a total funds raised tally.

Use the form below to let us know how much you sould like to support this effort.

Register your interest

Complete the form below to register your intention to sponsor Gary and David’s trip to help the Door of Hope Children’s Charity.

As we don’t know how many birdies will be scored until the conclusion of the trip we won’t be able to issue you with a final amount payable until then. If you have a desire to donate a set amount you can use the link below to directly make a donation or register your interest below and we will be in contact at the conclusion of the trip.


Thanks again for considering helping to raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves.


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