And so we begin

And the time is getting closer….As I write this post we have 54 days left before our trip commences. Hard to believe I have been planning this trip for over 18 months now.

I still remember my initial thoughts. It was along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if I could go over the UK and Ireland and play some of the best golf courses”.

The “some” soon became “many” and then as happens became “even more”.

As I prepared for this trip I look back on the preparations that have gone into it. It seems an easy exercise to plan an itinerary that involves a bunch of golf courses in a fairly central geographic area (especially when one comes from Australia and is used to having to travel great distances to get anywhere! But that was not really the case as you will see over the coming weeks in the lead up to the trip as I outline the challenges associated with pulling the trip together.

Believe you me there were many and I am going to be give you every detail so you can appreciate the efforts I went to in order for this trip to work.

One of my biggest concerns was losing golf balls. You see I figured that if I was playing 720 holes of golf (give or take a few) I would lose a few golf balls. And that is where Wilson (one of the major supporters of the trip) came in. They have agreed to supply me with as many golf balls as I need (well within reason anyway). So now I could hit with abandon and know that I could pull out a brand new Wilson FG Tour golf ball and try again. By the way these golf balls are seriously good – they rival their competitors balls and at a cheaper price point also. Worth trying.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Gary Lisbon

By golfselect

3 comments on “And so we begin

  1. good luck guys. i have been at Royal St Georges and Royal Cinque Ports for the last three days in a friendly comp, and all you need is sun-block and a putting stroke. looking forward to seeing you.

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